Can Kholi efforts helps to make the dream of RCB true?


           VIRAT KHOLI, the man in the form of life who has been the most consistent player throughout the calendar, the man who is awarded as the man of the tournament in the T20 world cup 2014, the man who can hit any kind of bowler to boundaries, the man who makes his play very easy with his spectacular timing, the man who drives his team to victory with ease, the man who likes to chase even the big targets with pleasure.
         Kholi, who is considered as man with golden bat is getting ready for another battle which is an itching tournament for him and for his team too. RCB went to final two times and happened to be runner-up on both the occasions. Last Virat captained RCB and it stood at 5th position.
         Every time RCB seemed to be promising to win the title but in the end it results in another way, however we need to see that how Kholi makes his mark this time in winning the title. Can he do it for RCB this time?
        Key players for RCB this time are Kholi, Gayle, AB, Alibe, Starc and Rampaul. Muralitharan can be a threat to other players but we cannot be confident that he makes his mark as he was away from the 1st class cricket career for a long time. He may be a legend but we cannot be so sure that he strikes for team in the crisis situation. And Virat  needs to act quick choose his bowling options because by looking at the squad any cricket fan can say that RCB is lack of bowling sources. Starc and Rampaul need to share the ball for sure and Dinda and Aaron needs to support them. May be Kholi can have other notions in his mind because he have Alibe in his inventory who is a powerful weapon for any team in T20s. Kholi need to make his team in right combo as he needs to win the title this time not only to make his team proud but also to answer his critics.
      As only Four foreign players are allowed in the final team Kholi has two options in that situation which is clearly visible to everyone. They were Chris, AB, Starc, Rampaul is one option Chris, AB, Rampaul, and Alibe is the other option. Those two were the options left to Virat and he needs to choose one and make his final team. He is the one who needs to choose and make better, wise decisions in order to make a win and rewrite the history that RCB never won the title to RCB won their 1st title in IPL season 7.
     Another issue for Kholi in making the team is Yuvi’s bad form with the last performance that yuvi made almost everyone said that India lost the T20 World cup final only because of yuvi’s bad performance in the peak time. Everyone opposed him and said that he shouldn’t be in that squad and questioned the decision of India’s one of the greatest captains M.S.dhoni. In this situation Kholi needs to think wise and should take a better and brave decision of letting or not letting yuvraj in the team. This decision is to be taken by him very wisely because yuvi was auctioned for 14 cores in the bidding. Which is the largest bid in the entire it is Kholi who need to decide on yuvi’s place.
       I think that yuvi would get that position because there is no player in the entire squad to overcome the yuvi’s place even in this bad form of yuvi but this scenario can be changed if Kholi wants to give a chance to any youngster.
      Another problem is bowling department. Kholi got very less options in bowling department. He need to be precise and accurate in his decisions pertaining to bowling .As he got very less bowling resources he need to be very careful in the peak situations and he shouldn’t loose his nerve and should take better decisions if his aim is to win the title.
      Kholi got a strength in the form of batting. RCB got a very deep batting. Many T20 specialist batsmen like Gayle, AB, Kholi. With these players they can have enough batting firepower and in the end they got a hard hitter Alibe who is a devastating player at the end and known for his destruction.
    Finally to win this title Kholi need to make some extraordinary efforts and he should be keep clam throughout the tournament and he need to decide the winning combo of the team very wisely so that his efforts come true and makes as a title winner.

Southafrica A Won and Levelled the Series

Beuran Hendricks took 6 wickets in 2nd innings and gave his team a win  

                       Day 4, 2nd unofficial test, As Indians need to score 307 runs in their 2nd innings to win the 2nd and last test. Indians at least need to draw the game in order to win the series. India A resumed the Day 4 at 3-1 and their plight started from the first ball of the game’s play. Skipper Pujara got out in the very first ball of the day. Pujara followed Vijay who got out for a duck on Monday. The loss of the Pujara’s wicket seemed to be an indication for the loss of game. Because the wickets are falling in regular intervals.  At % 0ver the score was 4 for 2 and at 10 overs the score was 20 -5.
                             None of the Indian batsman are seemed to be confident in their batting they were just visiting the pitch and returning back to pavilion in no time and Indians seemed to be that they are going to be all out below 100 but the young batsmen Rahane and Saha gave a good partnership for the sixth wicket. Both of them got their Half-centuries. Rahane is in 80’s and he is close to his century then Hendricks gave a break through to Southafrica A and took the wicket of Rahane when he was towards his century. Rahane got out for 86 runs and the score of India A was 183-6.
                             And suddenly the wickets gone down in very quick session and the score was 185-9. Harmer strikes two wickets in a single over and confirmed the win for his team and the Proteas took no time to take the last wicket. And that results in the loss of 2nd  test match for Indians and Southafricans levelled the Series with this win 

Clarke’s Brave Decision Results in Dramatic Tie

Pietersen made a quick Fifty which turned the Equations of game and results in a Tie
                     Day 5, Fifth test, Ashes, A brave decision by Michael Clark made the last test of the series interesting and a thrilling tie. For the first time in the series luck favoured Australians which made the game tie. England need 21 runs off 24 balls and umpires stopped the game due to bad light. Otherwise Australia would have loose the game and would have lost the series 4-0. And the Australian Skipper would be blamed for his Foolish decision.
                           On Day 5 the English batsmen resumed the innings at 247-4. And they got all out for 377 runs due to the aggressive captainship of Clarke. Early in the morning it is Woakes to be dismissed to good length delivery bowled by Harris. And then its bell who got out in Faulkner’s bowling. Bell is the Faulkner’s first test wicket. And then Broad and Anderson got out for low scores. Swann who tried to decrease the lead of Australians got out at 34 runs as in the form of final wicket.
And England got all out for 377 runs.
                             Australians came into bat in their 2nd innings with a lead of 115 runs. And their intention of winning the match is shown by the act of sending Warner and Watson as openers which says that they decided to core quick runs so they are sending the hard hitters first with this kind of play Australia might get into trouble and Australians declared at 111-6.
                            England need 227 runs to win the match this is more over like a ODI target and England started it beautifully. Cook struck 2 fours in the 1st over of Harris. Clarke has kept attacking field and that resulting him a wicket of Root in Harris bowling. Cook and Trott played well and kept the things going correct. And that partnership snatched the chances of Australians winning the game. Clarke made a change in the bowling and brought Lyon into attack which gave a breakthrough to Australians. Pietersen is the next man in. He played in his own style and his innings turned the match equations.
                            Pietersen made a quick fifty he punished every bowler he faced and he got out at 62 runs. At the time he got out England need almost run a ball. After his dismissal Trott was got out in the next over bowled by Faulkner. Now 2 new men at crease Woakes and Bell. This partnership is also key to the England this pair batted beautifully and utilised felid spread and made singles into doubles that is most frustrating part for the Australians. When England need 33 runs from 30 balls Clarke gave the ball to Starc and he gave 9 runs for the 5 deliveries. Then a Grnoundsman came into field and gave a light measurer to the Umpire and this gave an info of they are going to check the light. Starc bowled the last delivery it is full and straight Bell struck it with straight bat and the ball stooped hit hitting the shoe of Starc and Bell advances to take a run and Starc had a shy at stumps and its boom a direct hit Bell got out in the form of Run out. Over is completed and Bell is returning to pavilion and next batsman Prior is in. England need 21 runs off 24 balls.
                           Now here comes the dramatic scenes Umpires Checked the light and confirmed that not suitable to play and they declared it as a draw. I think at that moment all the England fans felt that they were Unlucky and Australian fans felt lucky at the same time. This one of the most dramatic ending in the Cricket history.